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a clown show about rain

It makes sense to take an umbrella out when rain's coming, but some things can't be forecast like the weather

Forth, Cromarty and Dogger are all at sea; the storm strikes, the rain lashes down, strong winds have turned their umbrellas inside out. They’re trying to keep warm and dry, but their raincoats have shrunk in the wash.

In a world where we're expected to be equipped for everything, what happens when our mental resilience falls short? 

In this dazzling look at the unpredictable nature of our mental health, Silent Faces see what it is to try to battle the elements when your weatherproofing is failing.

A physical comedy with clowning and dance-theatre, because sometimes words aren’t enough.

The Scotsman 

A Clown Show About Rain was developed with generous support from The Pleasance, New Diorama and Camden People's Theatre

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