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Godot is a woman

Silent Faces Finals  -  Ali Wright-14 (1

In 1953 a man wrote a play about waiting
In 1988 he sued five women for trying to perform it
In 2001 Madonna released ‘What It Feels Like for a Girl’

It’s 2021 and we’re still waiting.

We all know what it's like to wait, don't we? Waiting for our banana bread to come out the oven, waiting for Boris Johnson’s 5 o’clock announcement, waiting for permission from male playwrights to perform plays about the human condition.  

Since WAITING FOR GODOT was written, non-men all over the world have been waiting to fill the boots of Vladimir and Estragon. Nearly 70 years later, the playwright is dead and his estate still says no.

Today Ariana Grande tells us that 'God is a Woman’…. so we’ve decided we’re done waiting. Samuel Beckett?
...thank u, next.

With their trademark style of playful and political physical theatre,
Silent Faces explore permission, patriarchy and pop music in 

cheeky and geeky
The Guardian
richly comic
The Stage

Godot Is a Woman will have you laughing all evening and arguing all night

The Spectator


Supported by The Pleasance, Camden People's Theatre, the Cockayne Foundation

and Arts Council England

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